Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello World !

Hello :)

I am Narayanan Venkateswaran (mostly referred to as VN :) ) and work at Oracle in the MySQL team.

This is a great place to be and I love every moment of my work on this great product. I have brilliant colleagues and a fantastic work environment.

In this blog I intend to write about development in MySQL and general database topics that are of interest to me.


  1. Thanks for blogging, so far I am enjoying your posts. One piece of feedback would be to include more info on your about/profile page. I imagine that your initial welcome post will be buried over time and like me they will read a post and wonder who you are.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement :) . I did not realize that people would actually want to know who I am :) . You are right, I will add more information.

      Thank you for the motivation. Expect more in the pipeline :) !